I’m Taking Over!

I, Simone, will take over this blog.   “Mwa ha ha ha!”

Just kidding! But I am actually taking over this blog. Ask Eric if you don’t believe me. I will still post things, though, so don’t worry! 

Should we delete this blog?

So, like most blogs, this was full of good intentions and short on content.  We had a lot of ideas for it, but life just got in the way of writing.  Debating deleting it completely or leaving it up and maybe turn it over to my daughter if she wants to write about board games.

This Thursday, April 21st, we are hosting a different event.  This time we are focusing on games for older kids, ages 9 and up.  Sponsored by the Young Adult department at the CH Booth Library in Newtown, CT, we will be bringing a wider variety of games that will get the kids off of the TV and around the table.  Party games, strategy games, war games, we will be teaching a wide number of games that appeal to teens and tweens.  Come on out and play!

ConnCon 2011 is here!

Got my bags packed and heading down to Stamford in a little bit to get some gaming in before running Beyond CandyLand.  My daughter is coming to play some games too for the first time at the convention.  We will be running our family game session from 1-4pm today, March 19th.  Come on down!

The Holiday Inn is at 700 Main Street, Stamford, CT.  Come on down!

Dancing Eggs

Contents: 9 rubber eggs, 1 wooden egg, 2 dice, and 1 packet of instructions.

Dancing Eggs is a really fun game, in my opinion. There are nine rubber eggs, and one wooden egg. Each rubber egg is worth one point, but the wooden egg is worth TWO points, as it is slippery.
The way this game works is that you are holding eggs in many different places. As I said before, the wooden egg is more likely to slip and fall, so that’s why it’s worth TWO points.
The action in this game is, well, the action die! It has six sides, each with a different symbol. One of the pictures, the bouncing egg, means that you have to bounce the egg from up high and the first one to catch the rubber egg wins it. Obviously, you can’t do this with a wooden egg because wood doesn’t bounce. That’s why the rest of these eggs are rubber, so they can act like bouncy balls, jumping around. And that’s only one of the six activities!
The catch for this game is that another die controls where you put your egg once you win it! There’s: in between your knees, in your armpit, underneath your chin, in your elbow, on your shoulder, and the jack which is any one of those options.
Well, I hope you play this game soon at one of our Game Days!

On the Saturday event at ConnCon 2011, there will be special sessions running for the 10-16 year old set.  Beyond CandyLand has been focusing on younger gamers, this session will have teachers running games that the older kids will enjoy playing.  Perhaps while you and your younger one are playing with us!  Games for these sessions are as follows:

8 AM until Noon will be Lisa Sutherland teaching Pyramid, a fun game about the Curse of the Mummy.  Better for the younger tween.

1 PM until 5 PM will have Eric Summerer teaching Nuns on the Run, which would probably be enjoyed by a mix of ages.

7 PM until 11 PM will showcase Lisa Cho leading Bisikle, a zany dexterity racing game, good for all ages.

Also, your teen can check out any game from the extensive library of 200+ games.  While teachers may not always be available, the librarian may be able to answer some basic questions and get you on the right path.

The daily pass for this event is $25.


ConnCon is coming!

It’s that time again kids!  We will be hosting a family boardgame session at ConnCon again this year.  We will be there March 19th from 1-4 pm.  This takes place at the Stamford Holiday Inn.  Drop me a note if you are coming, there is no charge for attending this part of the convention.  Parents must stay with their children or a free puppy and several espressos will be doled out.

Also, there will be a special teens and tweens gaming session on March 19th as well.  When I find out more, I will post it here.  Hope to see you there!