Buying games

I love shopping, well most of it.  I like wandering down aisles, poking at things, seeing what is there.  Unfortunately, most places don’t have a game store that will accommodate that need.  I have a couple of small shops that stock some games, but not very much.  Even the so-called educational stores only stock games that would put your whole family to sleep or get them back on the Wii.

That leaves online shopping.  Not as much fun, but at least you can get your hands on games that are worth dropping $50-60 for.  I typically start off at BoardgameGeek, checking out the nominations for Children’s Game of the Year in Germany.  Just because a game didn’t win, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check it out.  In fact, you should!  Poking around that site is always worth some time to get ideas and see what new games are coming out and then hoping to find them here in the US.

Language can be an issue, especially with games geared towards older kids.  That’s why the Geek rules.  People will let you know how language dependent a game is.  I just bought a new game from Germany that requires no reading at all during game play, and it is a blast.  The rules are usually translated into several languages and it is always fun to try to translate the titles of games with your kids.

So go and do a little research online and poke around the different internet retailers to see what they have to offer.  Check out a few as the prices vary wildly as do shipping costs.  Many stores have a magic number that will reduce the shipping charges to zero.  Most of these shops are small enterprises and if you get confused, give a call, I bet you may find an actual person on the end of the line who actually likes to play games as much as you do!


Great day at the library!

Well, what a turn out today!  I think we had over 50 people come and play our games.  It was a great time and there was a lot of laughter and fun for the full three hours!  Some of the tops hits were the classics.  Chicken Cha Cha Cha, Chateau Roquefort, Viva Topo! and Ghost Chase all saw significant table time.  Dancin’ Eggs, Giro Galoppo, Castle Keep, Kids of Catan also had multiple plays happening.  In keeping with the weather, Igloo Pop drew some interest, which was nice as I had not played that one a lot since we got it when my own kids were little and it was too much for them.

Other break outs were Loot, Dead Man’s Treasure, Hamster Rolle, Ice Cream as games were flying off the show table and onto playing tables.  The biggest question I had was about where to buy these games and when we were bringing them back.

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Welcome Patch Readers

Hi there Newtown Patch readers!  I noticed some folks coming on over from the brief article about our gaming event at the library on Saturday.  I hope our little (and not often updated) blog helps you discover some ways to play some games with your children.  Check out some of the initial articles for our thoughts on how to modify rules for various age groups and ways to play games with all sorts of kids.  Each of our few reviews discusses ways we have modified the rules for those games as well.  Thanks for coming and poking around!

2 January Events!

Ok, the first one is open to the public.  We will bringing our game collection back to the CH Booth Library on January 22nd.  This is a Saturday and we will be there from 1-4pm.  Bring your kids and enjoy some fun games!

The second event is for families of Sandy Hook Elementary School.  We are taking part in a family game night with about 300 families from the school.  Going to be bringing about 50 games along with whatever help we can find.  Should be interesting!

Frank’s Zoo Review

Frank’s Zoo is a really fun animal card game!  You have cards with animals on them. Every animal can be eaten by another animal except for the killer whale because it is special.  The animal[s] that can eat your animal are on the top of your card.

You have a place where you pile up your animal cards.  If you don’t have any of the animal[s] that eat the animal on top of the card deck, then you have to pass or put two of the same animal that’s on top of the deck.  Every time no one can play, the deck goes to the discard pile.  Then the person who last played gets to start the next round.

In this game there is a JOKER.  The JOKER can only be played with another card.  tthere is also mosquitos.  If you put a mosquito with an elephant, the mosquito turns into an elephant.

This game is for 4-7 players.  Aged 10 and up.                                                       Contents: 60 cards: 4 mosquitoes, 1 JOKER, and 5 each of 11 other animals.

Back to the Library!

On July 30th, we will be bringing our games back to the CH Booth Library in Newtown, CT.  We will be there from 2-4 pm and will bring all of our games with us.  There will be plenty for all kids and family members, even those that are just 3 years old.

We will also bring several party style family games like Bamboleo and Jungle Speed so the older kids can check out interesting things to do.

This is NOT a drop off program and adults are required to stay with their children.  There are many small parts that can easily choke a toddler!

Hey there boardgamers!  We are getting ready to head off to the Connecticut Convention at the Stamford Holiday Inn next Sunday, March 21st.  We will be showing off and teaching all of our games from 10am until 1 pm that day.  The convention is waving any charges for folks coming to our event, so no need to worry about this economy keeping you from playing some fun games.

We have a handful of new games that we will be teaching and we are bringing our daughters down to help out.  They have taught some games here at the CH Booth Library and are all set to hit the big show!  Let us know if you have any questions or need more information!