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Well, what a turn out today!  I think we had over 50 people come and play our games.  It was a great time and there was a lot of laughter and fun for the full three hours!  Some of the tops hits were the classics.  Chicken Cha Cha Cha, Chateau Roquefort, Viva Topo! and Ghost Chase all saw significant table time.  Dancin’ Eggs, Giro Galoppo, Castle Keep, Kids of Catan also had multiple plays happening.  In keeping with the weather, Igloo Pop drew some interest, which was nice as I had not played that one a lot since we got it when my own kids were little and it was too much for them.

Other break outs were Loot, Dead Man’s Treasure, Hamster Rolle, Ice Cream as games were flying off the show table and onto playing tables.  The biggest question I had was about where to buy these games and when we were bringing them back.

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Welcome Patch Readers

Hi there Newtown Patch readers!  I noticed some folks coming on over from the brief article about our gaming event at the library on Saturday.  I hope our little (and not often updated) blog helps you discover some ways to play some games with your children.  Check out some of the initial articles for our thoughts on how to modify rules for various age groups and ways to play games with all sorts of kids.  Each of our few reviews discusses ways we have modified the rules for those games as well.  Thanks for coming and poking around!

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2 January Events!

Ok, the first one is open to the public.  We will bringing our game collection back to the CH Booth Library on January 22nd.  This is a Saturday and we will be there from 1-4pm.  Bring your kids and enjoy some fun games!

The second event is for families of Sandy Hook Elementary School.  We are taking part in a family game night with about 300 families from the school.  Going to be bringing about 50 games along with whatever help we can find.  Should be interesting!

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