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Frank’s Zoo Review

Frank’s Zoo is a really fun animal card game!  You have cards with animals on them. Every animal can be eaten by another animal except for the killer whale because it is special.  The animal[s] that can eat your animal are on the top of your card.

You have a place where you pile up your animal cards.  If you don’t have any of the animal[s] that eat the animal on top of the card deck, then you have to pass or put two of the same animal that’s on top of the deck.  Every time no one can play, the deck goes to the discard pile.  Then the person who last played gets to start the next round.

In this game there is a JOKER.  The JOKER can only be played with another card.  tthere is also mosquitos.  If you put a mosquito with an elephant, the mosquito turns into an elephant.

This game is for 4-7 players.  Aged 10 and up.                                                       Contents: 60 cards: 4 mosquitoes, 1 JOKER, and 5 each of 11 other animals.

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