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So we decided to get two of our nephews different boxes of Heroscape.  If you don’t know this game and you have boys 7 and up, you may want to look it up.  Imagine Dungeons & Dragons meets Risk.  With a cooler map that you can build.  We were able to get the first master set easily.  This one is about Valkyries and other cool things like that.  Got it for $27 too.  Nice!  Then we had all sorts of trouble getting master set #2, Swarm of the Marro.  Giant evil looking buggy monsters.  Very cool, could not find the dang thing though.  This is a Milton Bradley/Hasbro game and their page told me that I could get it at all sort of toy stores.  Yeah, right.  Nobody had it, nobody knew what I was talking about at Target, Walmart, Kmart, Toys R Us.  At least my local comic shops knew about it, but don’t carry it since it is so easy to get at the above named stores.  Sigh.

I did find it at one online dealer.  Hooray!  That was before I went out in the ice storm to go to the already named and now disparaged big box stores.  So when I came home I went back online and got my credit card out only to find it had sold out.  Sigh.  Thanks to Google though, I was able to find another merchant, this one in FL who had it.  After shipping, it was $40.  And yes, the other place I had bookmarked would have shipped it for less.

Lesson of the day – if you see it and want it, stop screwing around and just buy it.

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